The Swelling Of Lymphedema

September 15, 2021Lipedema and Lymphedema
The Swelling Of Lymphedema When your veins aren’t functioning fully, especially in the legs, this can allow the blood to pool. This is the cause of varicose veins, but another more serious condition that also can develop is known as lymphedema. If a patient develops lymphedema due to venous insufficiency, there’s a good chance he [...]

Meralgia Paraesthetica Vs Lymphedema

August 15, 2020Lipedema and Lymphedema
Meralgia Paraesthetica Vs Lymphedema Are you experiencing unexplained pain, discomfort, or tenderness in your thighs? Is it accompanied by swelling? It could be lymphedema or meralgia paraesthetica. It’s important to determine which it is, because one is a condition with no cure that must be managed carefully to prevent it from becoming worse. What Is [...]

How Is Lipedema Treated?

May 15, 2020Lipedema and Lymphedema
How Is Lipedema Treated? Lipedema is a condition that occurs when fat is stored irregularly in the body. Lipedema is a serious and sometimes life-threatening condition. In its advanced stages, the fat deposits can block lymph drainage and cause lymphedema – a buildup of fluid that can lead to infection, poor healing of wounds, and [...]