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BOTOX® Cosmetic Treatment in Traverse City & Cadillac, MI

Freeze wrinkles in their tracks with BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment, now available at Northern Michigan Vein Specialists near you in Traverse City and Cadillac, MI! Our experts are here to help make your dreams come true with skillfully performed injectables that work for you, no matter what condition your skin is currently in!

What is BOTOX® Treatment?

BOTOX® is a non-surgical injectable that’s derived from botulinum toxin. It has incredible cosmetic and medical effects and is best known for reducing and preventing facial wrinkles, folds, and fine lines that are caused by muscle movement, also known as dynamic wrinkles. It works by paralyzing the muscles that are responsible for creating movements in the target area. Once injected, the toxin will block nerve signals to the muscles. This not only smooths out wrinkles by stopping their mechanical movement, but it also prevents future wrinkles from forming and getting worse — leaving you with smooth skin and a more youthful appearance with this elegant injectable treatment!

Man getting a BOTOX® treatment at NMVS
Neurotoxins Like BOTOX® treatment at NMVS

What Can Neurotoxins Like BOTOX® Do for You?

Neurotoxins can prevent and smooth the visible signs of aging that are caused by dynamic movement across the face and neck. One of the most common uses for BOTOX® is on the forehead, where it works to eradicate frown lines and furrowed brow lines, as well as around the eyes to prevent crow’s feet from forming. Our experts are here to help ensure that you’re getting the results you want from your neurotoxins, with our personalized, tailored care.

What Areas Can We Treat with BOTOX®?

We can treat a broad range of areas with BOTOX®, from forehead frown and scowl lines to your temples, cheekbones, eye area, nasolabial folds, lips, chin, and cheeks down to your neck and chest! No matter what area you’re looking to get treated, you can expect world-class results from our talented injector.

Parts and areas we can treat for BOTOX® at NMVS
Vitamin B12 Shots

Vitamin B12 Shots

Make the most of your BOTOX® appointment and top up your treatment with a vitamin B12 shot! Many people are often unknowingly deficient in this essential nutrient, also known as cobalamin, which plays a vital role in metabolic functioning, red blood cell formation, and DNA production. As B12 can be difficult to attain from diet alone, our high-quality shots bypass absorption issues by skipping the gut and being injected directly into the bloodstream where they can work immediately and at higher doses. They pair perfectly well with BOTOX®: give yourself the gift of internal wellbeing along with a beauty boost!

Get to Know Our Team!

Meet our Lead Injector!

Certified Physician Assistant Kali VanStee is here to help with all your aesthetic needs! As our lead injector, she’s equipped to show you the wonders that are possible with neurotoxins, especially when she’s the one skillfully performing your BOTOX® treatment!

Kali Vanstee, PA headshot

Kali Vanstee, PA

Dr. Brian Heeringa headshot

Dr. Brian Heeringa, Board Certified

Meet Your Doctor!

Dr. Brian Heeringa is here to ensure everything goes smoothly. As one of the nation’s premier vein surgeons, Dr. Heeringa specializes in providing elegant solutions to complex issues. He knew bringing on BOTOX® treatment to NMVS would help patients reach their goals!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Botulinum Toxin Safe?

Yes! The form of botulinum toxin used in BOTOX®, botulinum toxin a, is completely safe when injected into the muscles. BOTOX® and other botulinum toxins have been FDA Approved for years and have a very low risk of any side effects.

Is There Any Downtime?

While there is not technically any downtime associated with neurotoxin injectables, we advise you to be gentle with your skin in the 24 hours following your treatment and avoid vigorous activity. You may experience some redness and swelling, but these should fade within a few days after your appointment. You’ll be good to go back to work afterward!

When Will I See Results and How Long Will They Last?

You should notice your results within the first week following your appointment. Most patients find that their results last anywhere from two to six months, with the average duration being around four months.

How Much Do These Aesthetic Treatments Cost?

We strive to provide comprehensive care for all patients at NMVS in Traverse City and Cadillac. The cost of neurotoxin injections varies depending on your needs, from treatment areas to the amount of product used. Our team will go over the cost of your unique case with you in consultation.

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