Cosmetic Vein Treatments
at Northern Michigan Vein Specialists

Meet Diana L. Seehase

Diana is a Licensed Registered Nurse with a Bachelor Degree in Nursing. She joined Northern Michigan Vein Specialists in 2016 as the office’s Practice Manager, Physician Liaison, and Sclerotherapy Nurse after 38 years of nursing/management in a critical care hospital setting. She is also a member of the American Vein & Lymphatic Society.

As a Sclerotherapy Nurse Diana was trained in Cosmetic Sclerotherapy under the supervision and direction of Brian Heeringa MD. In addition, she attended training with Dr. Bush MD and Peggy Bush NP (Vein Med Consultants) at Waterfront Dermatology in Stuart Florida.

Diana provides sclerotherapy to treat uncomplicated spiders and reticular veins to improve the appearance and health of your legs. She uses Veingogh, a microburst technology that delivers heat using a very fine needle smaller than a strand of hair to deliver heat to treat uncomplicated facial spider veins and unwanted prominent hand veins.

Diana loves that she can contribute her vast clinical knowledge to the venous field of medicine.

diana seehase, bsn, rn




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