Cosmetic Vein Treatments at Northern Michigan Vein Specialists

Cosmetic Vein Treatments at Northern Michigan Vein Specialists

Quality Facial, Hand, and Leg Vein Treatments with Sclerotherapy

Discover world-class cosmetic vein care with our selection of facial, hand, and leg vein treatment options. Expertly performed sclerotherapy and other procedures will ensure you don’t have to struggle with problematic veins any longer!

Meet Diana L. Seehase, Our Sclerotherapy Expert!

Diana is a Licensed Registered Nurse with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. She joined Northern Michigan Vein Specialists in 2016 as the office’s practice manager, physician liaison, and sclerotherapy nurse after 38 years of nursing/management in a critical care hospital setting. She is also a member of the American Vein & Lymphatic Society.

As a sclerotherapy nurse, Diana was trained in cosmetic sclerotherapy under the supervision and direction of our very own surgeon, Brian Heeringa, M.D. In addition to her training at NMVS, she trained with Dr. Bush, M.D. and Peggy Bush, NP, who are vein medicine consultants at Waterfront Dermatology in Stuart, Florida.

Diana provides sclerotherapy to treat uncomplicated spiders and reticular veins to improve the appearance and health of your legs. She uses Veingogh, a microburst technology that delivers heat using a very fine needle smaller than a strand of hair to deliver heat to treat uncomplicated facial spider veins and unwanted prominent hand veins. She loves that she can contribute her vast clinical knowledge to the venous field of medicine while helping patients feel more comfortable and confident!

Meet Diana L. Seehase, Our Sclerotherapy Expert
Meet Kali VanStee, PA-C

Meet Kali VanStee, PA-C

Kali VanStee is a certified Physician Assistant at Northern Michigan Vein Specialists, serving patients in Traverse City and Cadillac, MI. She holds a bachelor’s degree in biomedical science and a master’s degree in physician assistant studies from Central Michigan University, where she was also a member of the founding committee for the university’s medical school.

Kali is highly respected and passionate about her work, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. Her background in family medicine has provided her with a deep understanding of the signs, symptoms, and disease processes of venous insufficiency. She also has extensive experience in emergency medicine, having practiced in both Northern Michigan and New York City, which has enriched her expertise in venous disease pathology.

Under the mentorship of Dr. Brian Heeringa, MD, FACS, RPhS, Kali has expanded her focus to Venous and Lymphatic Medicine. Her dedication to continuous learning and patient care makes her an invaluable asset to the Northern Michigan Vein Specialists team.

Our Cosmetic Vein Treatments

You can learn more about how we treat different parts of the body and troublesome veins in specific areas with our array of services below:

Why Choose Northern Michigan Vein Specialists

NMVS has a team of highly skilled and experienced vascular specialists who ensure precise and effective treatment. State-of-the-art technology provides minimally invasive procedures with optimal results, while a patient-centered approach ensures personalized care and comprehensive follow-ups, providing the best vein care treatment available.

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