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Proper treatment begins with proper diagnosis and nothing has shaped the way we diagnose and therefore treat venous disease like the ultrasound. A venous mapping ultrasound takes about an hour and during this time, we will map out which veins are working properly and which veins are diseased. Our RTV’s specialize in vascular ultrasound but has a passion for venous ultrasound. His expertise allows him to find the root source of venous problems. If someone were to only treat the veins that were could be seen on the surface of a patient’s leg without properly finding

the source for those varicose veins, it would be like painting a wall after there was a leaky pipe without first fixing the pipe. Our ultrasound techs expertise in imaging allows Dr. Heeringa to properly diagnose and therefore find the best treatment for each specific patient. That’s one of the things that we love about vein care; patients can’t be treated in a cookie cutter fashion. Each patient’s treatment must be tailored to their specific venous anatomy to achieve optimal results.



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