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Visit our practice in Traverse City for all your vein, lymphatic, and aesthetic needs!

World-Class Venous Disease Care & Treatments in Traverse City, MI

Our Traverse City location is led by nationally renowned Board-Certified surgeon Dr. Brian Heeringa and is a haven when it comes to providing advanced vein disease treatments and care, not to mention our lymphatic and aesthetic services! We understand that vein care is often misdiagnosed, so we have created a practice where your veins will get the attention they deserve so you can live a happier, healthier life.


Advanced Treatments

Our minimally invasive treatment options allow for no downtime and no vein stripping. Schedule a consultation today to determine the right treatment option for you from our diverse array of services.

Varithena Icon


Varithena is an injectable microfoam consisting of polidocanol that is FDA Approved to treat varicose veins and other vein issues.

Radiofrequency Ablation Icon

Radiofrequency Ablation

A catheter is introduced into the vein and delivers radiofrequency energy to the vein wall, causing it to heat, collapse and seal shut.

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A solution, known as a sclerosing agent, is injected into the veins causing the blood to clot and the vein to scar.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy Icon

Ambulatory Phlebectomy

Small incisions are made in the area of the vein, and then a special hook tool is used to remove the vein.

Conservative Therapies Icon

Conservative Therapies

Dr. Heeringa’s first approaches are always conservative and non-invasive. For some patients, these treatments may be all that’s necessary.

VenaSeal™ Icon


A catheter is inserted directly into the diseased vein and injects the VenaSeal® adhesive to seal the vein.

Hand Vein Treatment Icon

Hand Vein Treatment

As our skin thins with age, some of the veins and tendons that become more obvious on the backs of the hands are inevitable.

Venous Stenting Icon

Venous Stenting

A stent is a braided metal tube which acts as a scaffold to keep the vein open.

BOTOX® Treatment Icon

BOTOX® Treatment

Minimize and prevent wrinkles caused by muscle movements with the world-renowned injectable BOTOX®.

Dermal Fillers Icon

Dermal Fillers

Replace lost volume and enjoy facial rejuvenation and anti-aging results with injectable dermal fillers.

Dr. Brian Heeringa, Board Certified Surgeon

MEET Dr. Brian Heeringa, Board Certified Surgeon

Dr. Heeringa, a leading vein surgeon, established Northern Michigan Vein Specialists after recognizing the growing need for specialized vein treatment and its ability to make significant improvements in patients’ quality of life: he found that patients seeking venous disease treatment were the happiest! His years of experience and dedication to advancing vein care place him, the best team in the business, and NMVS at the forefront of the field. By focusing beyond conventional disregard for niche yet common vein diseases, and addressing often misdiagnosed venous disorders, Dr. Heeringa offers effective, compassionate care that puts your wellbeing first!

Our Team

We’re proud to host the best team in the business, as Dr. Heeringa would say! Every single member of our team keeps up with the latest research and science around veins and venous disease, so that we can continually offer you world-class treatments. We’re here to make a difference in your life, and we’re committed to ensuring you get the education you need to make the most of your results. You can trust our team to give you the care you deserve to thrive with our experience, education, and dedication to you!

Northern Michigan Vein Specialists Team
Beautiful Traverse City and Beyond

Beautiful Traverse City and Beyond

Traverse City is a wonderful place to be, whether you’re taking a wine tour, sailing the lake, visiting the Lake Michigan dunes, or eating at one of our standout restaurants, you’re sure to want to take it in feeling like your best self. We’re proud to serve areas including Greilickville, Old Mission Peninsula, Suttons Bay, Peshawbestown, Omena, Leland, Interlochen, and more!

Driving Directions

If you’re traveling from the West, keep going west on US 31. Turn right just after Denny’s and we will be on your left. Look out for the two-story brick building; if you reach Three Mile, you’ve gone too far.
If you’re approaching from the South, take Three Mile Road to US 31 and turn left just before Denny’s. You’ll spot us along the way.


You deserve the finest care for your veins to live life to the fullest without discomfort. Discover outstanding care from Dr. Brian Heeringa and his team at NMVS, Northern Michigan’s exceptional venous disease and lymphatic practice. We have a commitment to advancing the science of vein care and providing patients with effective treatments that lead to optimal outcomes: find out for yourself when you schedule an appointment!

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