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Exceptional Venous Disease Care & Treatments in Cadillac, MI

If you’ve been dealing with vein disease or lymphatic issues, or simply want some great medical aesthetic care, our Cadillac practice has you covered! We offer advanced vein disease treatments and care in addition to other services to help you find relief and confidence. Our fantastic team is led by Board Certified general surgeon and vein expert Dr. Brian Heeringa, and we provide patients with outstanding services for vein issues that are commonly misdiagnosed to give you the attention and treatment you need to thrive!

WE OFFER THE LATEST IN Advanced Treatments

Our minimally invasive treatment options allow for no downtime and no vein stripping. Schedule a consultation today to determine the right treatment option for you.


A catheter is inserted directly into the diseased vein and injects the VenaSeal® adhesive to seal the vein.

Radiofrequency Ablation

A catheter is introduced into the vein and delivers radiofrequency energy to the vein wall, causing it to heat, collapse and seal shut.


A solution, called a sclerosing agent, is injected into the veins causing the blood to clot and the vein to scar.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy

Small incisions are made in the area of the vein, and then a special hook tool is used to remove the vein.

Conservative Therapies

Dr. Heeringa’s first approaches are always conservative and non-invasive. For some patients, these treatments may be all that’s necessary.


Varithena is an injectable microfoam consisting of polidocanol that is FDA Approved to treat varicose veins and other vein issues.

Hand Vein Treatment

As our skin thins with age, some of the veins and tendons that become more obvious on the backs of the hands are inevitable.

Venous Stenting

A stent is a braided metal tube which acts as a scaffold to keep the vein open.

Botox Treatment

Our experts are here to help make your dreams come true with skillfully performed injectables that work for you, no matter what condition your skin is currently in!

Dermal Fillers

A stent is a braided metal tube which acts as a scaffold to keep the vein open.

MEET Dr. Brian Heeringa, Board Certified

After years of working as a surgeon, Dr. Heeringa found that vein treatments were one of the most requested services that led to the happiest patients! Making significant impacts to patient quality of life was meaningful to Dr. Heeringa, and he founded NMVS in order to give vein care the attention it deserves. A renowned surgeon, Dr. Heeringa wants to correct common mistakes made in diagnosing venous disease and give patients the ability to live their happiest, healthiest lives through advanced treatments and compassionate care!

Our Team

Dr. Heeringa hired our team knowing they’re the best in the business! Each of our team members is up to date with the latest research, science, and treatments of veins and venous disease so that you can continually get the quality of care you deserve. We want to make a difference in your life while prioritizing your wellbeing, and our compassionate, caring, and friendly staff help make that happen with their expertise, education, and dedication to you and your needs!

Proudly Serving Cadillac and Beyond!

We’re proud to serve our Cadillac community with the care you need to thrive! Whether you’re visiting Lake Cadillac with your family, checking out the mysterious Clam Lake Canal, or enjoying the boating, winter sports, and golfing that Cadillac has to offer. We’re proud to serve areas beyond Cadillac itself including Wedgewood, Boon, Caberfae, Falmouth, Haring, Jennings, and more!

Driving Directions

Coming from the northwest, head east on 34 Rd/Boon Rd toward 39 Rd, passing Fabulous Furniture on your left. In 1.8 mi, turn right onto US-131 BUS S/N Mitchell St. In 2.7 mi, turn left onto Cobb St just after you pass by Cast Iron Kitchen of Cadillac on your left. Continue for half a mile and we’ll be on your right!

Coming from the south, take 45 Rd/S 45 Mile Rd, continuing onto 40 ½ Rd, passing Gene’s Auto Parts on your left. In 0.7 mi, continue onto 45 Rd/Whaley Rd. In 0.2 mi, continue onto Paluster St. In 0.2 mi, turn right onto Whaley St. In 0.3 mi, turn right onto S Carmel St. In 0.1 mi, you’ll pass Brilliant Smiles Family Dentistry: Dr. Sheryl Jenicke on your right: turn left onto Cobb St. We’ll be on your left in less than 100 feet!


Live life to the fullest the way it’s meant to be lived: without discomfort, pain-free. Our standout care from leading vein surgeon Dr. Heeringa and our caring team are here to help you with our world-class venous and lymphatic treatments, as well as aesthetic injectables that boost your confidence further. Find out why NMVS is Northern Michigan’s finest venous and lymphatic practice when you schedule a consultation to discover what we can do for you!

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