MapQuest Your Veins: The Art Of Vein Mapping

With airports, bus and subway stations and freeways completely packed full of people going back and forth this time of year, everyone knows that travel is something to be prepared for. As one of the most important things for you to bring with on your travels, a GPS system or physical map will ensure that you get to your destination on time. Similar to the importance of a map to use when traveling, vein mapping is something that is an equally important step in the laser vein removal process. If you are considering getting laser vein removal, read on to learn more about vein mapping.

What Is Vein Mapping?

If you were in a foreign country that you’d never been to, you wouldn’t just set out on the road without having a map or GPS system that would help you figure out where you should go. Similarly, doctors need to know just exactly where the veins are in your body before they remove them.

As one of the first steps in laser vein treatment at Northern Michigan Vein Specialists, Dr. Heeringa will conduct a procedure called vein mapping. As a non-invasive procedure, Dr. Heeringa will take an ultrasound of the veins in your body to create a physical map of them. Once all of your veins have been documented on this map, then Dr. Heeringa will be able to create a “plan of attack” to get rid of your veins by using laser vein treatment.

Why Is It Important?

Mapping out your veins will ensure that every vein gets treated and that during the next treatment session, Dr. Heeringa can get any remaining veins that may not have been targeted the first time.

Here at Northern Michigan Vein Specialists, it’s Dr. Heeringa’s goal to make sure every patient leaves our office with the best results possible. To learn more about vein treatment or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Heeringa, contact Northern Michigan Vein Specialists today.