Map Your Body: The Art Of Vein Mapping

If you suffer from varicose veins then you know how not only embarrassing they can be to show off but how painful they can be at times as well. Luckily, here at Northern Michigan Vein Specialists we know the cause of varicose veins and how to properly treat them. As one of the methods used to help decide what treatment option is best for you, we like to conduct a procedure called vein mapping. And although the last map you looked at was probably on your iPhone, these vein maps are a little bit different. Read on to learn more.

What is vein mapping?
Vein mapping is a tool used in order to track how many veins you have and any recurring patterns that might be apparent. Typically through ultrasound technology, one of our veins specialists will detect your veins and then chart and label each vein individually once they are found.

Why is vein mapping done?
Here at Northern Michigan Vein Specialists we use vein mapping as a way to keep track of all of your veins in order to closely monitor them and to look for repeat patterns. Specifically vein mapping is done in order to look for similarities in shape, sizes, and other similar factors. Additionally, vein mapping is also a great tool to help us monitor your veins and look at what treatment options are ideal to treat them further down the line.

What is the procedure like?
The great thing about vein mapping is that because it is done using ultrasound technology, it is a non-invasive method— which means that you will be in and out of our offices in around 60-90 minutes on average.

To learn more about vein mapping or to learn more about how to get your veins taken care of, contact Northern Michigan Vein Specialists today.