Maintaining Vein Health Over The Holidays

If you are already suffering from varicose veins or other vein issues, you know what kind of pain and discomfort any aggravation to your condition can cause. As the holidays approach, it pays to be mindful of the ways in which you can protect your vein health even as your routines, diet, and schedule may be disrupted.

Protect Your Legs With Compression If You Travel

While travel is curtailed in most parts of the country, it has not come to a standstill by any means. Whether you’re heading out on a road trip or hopping a flight this holiday season, be sure to wear compression socks or stockings if you’ll be sitting for an extended period of time. Extended sitting can lead to blood clots and deep vein thrombosis – which can be life threatening – but it can also exacerbate your varicose veins. Get up and stretch, straighten out your legs and flex your feet, and stay hydrated.

Be Mindful Of Your Diet

The holidays are a time to splurge, of course, so pick your favorites and enjoy. But try to have balance. Be sure to eat things that are good for your veins, like citrus fruits and lean proteins. Watch your sodium intake so that you don’t cause additional swelling in your legs and feet. And try choosing one indulgence while forgoing another – for example, if you can’t live without the pecan pie, skip the gravy.

Do Some Walking

During the holidays, it’s easy to let exercise habits fall by the wayside. But even when you’re visiting relatives, you can step out for a quick walk, or join the kids for a game of basketball in the driveway. Do what you can to stay active.

If you suffer from varicose veins, especially if you are overweight, losing some weight may alleviate a lot of your varicose vein symptoms. Don’t let your efforts be derailed by holiday temptations and schedule disruptions. If you’re concerned about your varicose veins, schedule your consultation at one of our Northern Michigan Vein Specialists offices today!