Don’t Let Your Itsy Bitsy Spider Veins Ruin Your Self Esteem

Feb 15, 2018

Don’t Let Your Itsy Bitsy Spider Veins Ruin Your Self Esteem

The itsy bitsy spider may have climbed up the waterspout, but if he is also ruining your self-esteem because he’s taking over your veins, then Dr. Heeringa at Northern Michigan Vein Specialists can help.

What Are Spider Veins?

Often mistaken for or confused with varicose veins, spider veins are a bit different. Spider veins are clusters of small blood vessels that appear near the surface of the skin. They get their name because they often look like a spiderweb and are red, blue, or purple. Although they are most commonly found on the face, legs, and feet, spider veins can appear all over the body. One of the worst parts about spider veins is that they can be itchy or even painful which can make them even more unbearable.

How Are They Caused?

There is no clear evidence as to how spider veins are caused, but there are a few factors that may lead to them including heredity, obesity, hormones, sun exposure, tight clothing around the abdomen, constipation, and occupations that require an extensive amount of standing.

How Are They Treated?

Here at Northern Michigan Vein Specialists, Dr. Heeringa likes to use a treatment called sclerotherapy to help patients with their spider veins. Sclerotherapy is a treatment that involves injecting the spider veins with a solution— typically saline based. Once the veins have been injected, they will swell which will also cause the blood to clot and the vein itself to close. Once the vein has been permanently closed off, it will be naturally absorbed by your body.

Although sclerotherapy can be used to treat existing spider veins, it cannot be used as a preventative tool.

Having spider veins is about more than just feeling self-conscious about the skin you’re in— they can also be painful and irritating. If you would like to learn more about spider veins and how they are treated, schedule your consultation at our office today and call (231) 936-2068.

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