Options For Conservatively Addressing Varicose Veins

At Northern Michigan Vein Specialists, usually the first option for treating varicose veins is the use of various conservative treatments. In fact, this is a requirement for most insurance companies before they will approve more involved treatments such as radiofrequency ablation.

In this toasty August blog, let’s get into these conservative treatment options.

What Are Conservative Treatments?

These are basically self-care treatments, where the patient tries to manage his or her own varicose veins. These include:

  •     Wearing compression stockings
  •     Avoiding standing or straining for prolonged periods
  •     Elevating the affected leg or legs
  •     Exercising daily through walking or other leg-related workouts
  •     Taking anti-inflammatory medications
  •     Wearing loose clothing
  •     Modifying cardiovascular risk factors, such as making changes in diet
  •     Reducing peripheral edema and obesity through dieting, exercise, and more water consumption

Why Are Compression Hose So Important?

Compression hosiery is always a part of conservative treatment for varicose veins, as the compression provided by these socks and hose helps return the support that was present in your younger legs but has since decreased. When we are younger, our muscles and other tissues in our legs all work to help push the blood up the veins back to the heart. When we move with our legs, the contraction of these tissues squeezes the veins and helps them push the blood upward. This isn’t something we ever notice, but it’s going on constantly.

Compression hose work by compressing the veins to help keep them collapsed, rather than swelling outward as when they become varicose veins. This helps the veins empty the blood, pushing it up the line toward the heart.

Compression hosiery also helps to reduce venous pressure in the legs, and this helps decrease leg swelling and edema.

If you have mild vein problems, such as more spider veins and the early signs of varicose veins, conservative treatments are a good place to start. Of course, if things start to get worse, then it’s time to call Dr. Heeringa and our team at Northern Michigan Vein Specialists at (231) 936-2068.