Google Doesn’t Provide This Map

When a patient is experiencing some classic symptoms of venous insufficiency — issues such as aching and heaviness in the legs, cramping, fatigue, and leg restlessness — it’s necessary to see what’s going on with the veins.

What’s needed is a map of your veins. This is the job of vein mapping. Here’s more about how we do this important diagnostic test at Northern Michigan Vein Specialists.

What Is Vein Mapping?

Vein mapping is just as it sounds; it creates a map of the patient’s leg veins. This is used in the diagnosis of vein disease and as a guide for treatments. In vein mapping, an ultrasound probe uses sound waves (doppler) technology to view or “map” all of the veins under the skin on the legs and possibly the arms. As the ultrasound transducer is moved up and down the legs or arms, the sound waves are recorded, and the information is converted into moving images.

This mapping allows Dr. Heeringa to see the size, depth, and flow of blood in these veins. This information is then used as he plans treatment for the patient’s vein disease.

Why Is Vein Mapping Needed?

When a patient has swelling or pain in his or her legs, vein mapping can identify vein disease and help determine the best treatment options. Mapping identifies both superficial and deep vessels of the legs.

Vein mapping also allows Dr. Heeringa to track the speed of the blood flowing through the veins. It will identify areas where flow is being restricted.

Vein mapping can be necessary in cases where a patient may need an arterial bypass, as the mapping will show the vein that can be used for the graft and the area that needs bypassing. Also, in cases of varicose veins, vein mapping details the problematic veins apart from what can be seen on the surface of the legs.

Is Vein Mapping Painful?

These ultrasound tests are completely painless. Ultrasound energy has been used for decades throughout the medical world, and it has no adverse effects on the human body.

If you have swelling or pain in your legs, vein mapping could be just what’s needed. Give us a call at Northern Michigan Vein Specialists, (231) 936-2068, and let’s check out your veins.